Place Your Bets!

Last week Jeff and I made a bet as to when we think Marlo will take her first steps. I guessed July 24th and he guessed a few weeks earlier. Now I wish I could change my date. Monday morning she woke up with the strength of five bulls. She can now stand for extended periods of time (okay, a minute or so). Here she is standing at her toy chest pulling out random toys and throwing them on the floor.

Riveting, right?

But seriously, out of nowhere, she began maneuvering her dolly stroller around the living room like she was born doing it. It's fun to see how she really understands how to control it and get it to go where she wants it to go. She's also very good at getting herself unstuck.

So, what do you think? How long before she walks (unassisted)?

1 comment:

  1. My Girl! I predict July 4th as our first walk across the room!

    Love Grammie