Perhaps it's a little self-indulgent to think that anyone would want to read about my daily ventures, especially considering most of them are pretty mundane and often unappealing. I am, however, someone who finds herself alone in new(er) surroundings with a hefty handful of friends and family members elsewhere with (could I entertain) a slight interest in my life, if only for my 6 month old daughter, Marlo. So be it. I plan to fill these pages with, as the title proclaims, random experiences and encounters in my days as a mother and a wife. I have opinions about nearly everything (my father was suspicious that I would be a critic when I grew up) and I have some rather old fashioned domestic hobbies like cooking, baking and sewing. Surely, snippets of these will surface along with musings about the star of my movie, Marlo. I hope you find something interesting along the road.

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