Where Did Last Week Go?

I can't hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday. Especially when it seems like just yesterday I was in the car with Marlo in the backseat making the three hour drive to Findlay, but that was last Friday. The visit to Ohio was nice. Marlo is starting to get better on long trips and only cried during that last 30 minutes (the whole 30 minutes). But no matter, I'm pretty sure she got me out of a speeding ticket in Indiana, so all is forgiven.

We spent three full days with my parents, which was nice. It appears that Marlo really likes them which is a relief because she doesn't get to see them any more than once a month at best. A lot can change in a baby's life in a month. She's a completely different baby than she was last week! She's an accomplished sitter now, and has even taken to "dancing" while sitting. Grandpa Keith calls it her Stevie Wonder. Here's a taste:

She's also figured out how to get up on all fours and rock back and fourth. This is exciting to watch as I'm waiting for the day she takes off crawling across the room.

I'm working on quite a few food posts so stay tuned!

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