Der Kleine Appetit - Part 2: Avocado

Personally, I'm not a fan of Avocado. To me, the texture is like eating a stick of butter, and the flavor doesn't trump the fact that it's like you're eating a stick of butter. However, I know how good for you avocados are, and just because I don't like a food doesn't mean I don't want to encourage Marlo to eat it. So, I picked one up at Meijer on Monday and we tried it out yesterday. Even though I've never prepared one before, I felt like an avocado prep pro having seen it done on the food network probably once every day. Here's how Marlo's first avocado experience went:

While it may seem like things were going uphill towards the end, Marlo eventually began spitting out mouthfuls of it so we moved on to Squash & Corn which I'm sure tasted like dessert after that nasty avocado. Maybe I just had a bad avocado. It was definitely ripe, but I thought it tasted bitter and sour. We'll save it in the arsenal for later when she can handle some chunks in her food. The only bad thing about it though, is avocados are like bananas - once their peeled they oxidize quickly and therefore don't store well. So, unless she ends up liking them enough to eat a whole avocado, they are potentially very wasteful. We shall see....

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