Nothing in Particular...

There hasn't been much going down here at the Anderson homestead, to say the least. Appropriately, Marlo's newest gig is resting her head on things. She's never really done this before. She was never a snuggler nor was she one to just pass out on mommy or daddy. Now, if I take too long to prepare her lunch, she'll lay her head down on the table and sigh. If she gets a little tuckered out from grazing the living room carpet, she'll just lay her head down on the floor for a few minutes. And the best part, she will now rest her head on my shoulder when she's sleepy, which melts me.

Daddy's been working hard trying to get us into our own home and we miss him a lot. It's Marlo's favorite part of the day when he comes home to play with her.

I haven' t been inspired to do much new cooking this week. I've been scouring food blogs like it's my job, but have no desire to make anything more than my entire repertoire of what I call ghetto meals - or meals that are at least 50% out of a can or a freezer bag. Next week, I'm hoping I'll get my pots and pans out and start making some real food. I'll let you know about it if it happens.

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