I'm A Lousy Housewife

Except for keeping good meals on the table, let's face it - I'm a terrible homemaker. Jeff, Marlo and I frequently live in our own filth and disarray. Usually the promise of company is the only thing the kicks my butt into cleaning the bathroom. Unfortunately for Jeff, we only get visitors every few weeks. It's funny though, that after a cleaning spurt, I get motivated to keep it up. However, this motivation usually lasts about 12 hours and then quickly regresses to it's former, dormant state.

Today though, I'm going to try something new. In true Kindergarten teacher fashion, I'm going make a chart and make myself a weekly plan. As if I'm 8 years old, I'll give myself daily chores. Like today, Monday, is grocery getting day and laundry day. I may even plan out the week's dinners on the chart on Sunday night. This may make going to the grocery store on Mondays much easier. I work better in a structured environment anyway - hopefully this will keep me in line and keep the house inhabitable. Wish me luck! (I can hear Jeff laughing all the way from his office).

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't work for me... My house is still a mess.
    Greetings from Slovenia! :)